Welcome to SENsational Consultancy Ltd.

SENsational Consultancy enables equal opportunities for people with diff-abilities.

It strives to solve the problems surrounding societal exclusion by exploring the positive impacts of awareness, acceptance, diversity and inclusion. 

Our Mission: To create an inclusive working environment

Who we are: SENsational Consultancy Ltd was founded in HongKong in 2013 to raise awareness about employing people with disabilities. It provides corporate training to educate employees about working alongside differently abled co-workers. By raising awareness, and sensitising the team, differently abled workers are better integrated into the company culture, allowing all individuals to showcase unique talents and add value to the organization. 

SENsational also works on an individual level with people with disabilities, to ensure a smooth transition into a corporate workplace. 


Individual Services

We understand that having a physical or mental challenge, often referred to as a disability, is very ...

Corporate Services

SENsational Consultancy offers training seminars for corporates, to raise awareness and sensitivity towards ...

Resources for people with special needs

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