About Us

About SENsational Consultancy

With over 30 years of experience teaching and training people with disabilities, Ms Faridé Shroff, founded SENsational Consultancy Ltd. to bridge the gap between differently abled individuals and organizations. Her primary objective is to create a culture of inclusiveness that would equip organizations to employ people with disabilities to be hired, with equal opportunities. 

SENsational Consultancy Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong on 24th January, 2013 to raise awareness about employing people with disabilities. Common corporate misconceptions of what disabilities actually entail, can often present a major hurdle within most work environments, resulting in stigmatised reluctance to hire employees with disabilities. 

SENsational has worked with HKSAR Government, including the current Chief Executive-designate, Mrs Carrie Lam. 

Our team provides corporate clients with theoretical and practical solutions for creating an inclusive workforce through training workshops focused on awareness, sensitivity and leadership. Once equipped with the customised strategies, corporate clients are able to hire and successfully include people with "diff-abilities" (different abilities) into their workforce.

SENsational works to dispel common misconceptions about disabilities and use effective training methods to pave the way for an open-minded approach towards the inclusion of people with disabilities in the corporate world.