About Us

About SENsational Consultancy

SENsational Consultancy aims to provide equal job opportunities for people who are mentally or physically challenged, focusing on working with organisations to equip them with flexible, innovative solutions through workshops, training, and seminars.

In today’s diverse and competitive corporate world, it is inevitable that companies are looking to source the best employees. During this candidate-filtering process, an untapped pool of talent is often overlooked: employees with disabilities.

SENsational Consultancy aims to promote the idea of no judgments, and cultivate respect for individual differences. It looks to bring a shift in mindset, so that acceptance and inclusion become a part of our everyday lives. We prefer to use the term “diff-ability” meaning “different capability,” rather than “disability.”

There is a great need for societal awareness, understanding and acceptance of diversity. Inclusion cannot happen by itself. It needs to be planned and made sustainable.

SENsational Consultancy wants to develop and build partnerships between private, corporate and government bodies to improve support and services, resulting in equal opportunities and mutual respect for all individuals.