About Us

Corporate Objectives

SENsational Consultancy is looking to be the starting point for positive, sustainable changes towards a more inclusive world for people with disabilities. 

Our Corporate Objectives are -

  • To provide equal job opportunities for people who are differently abled. 
  • To equip such organizations with flexible and innovative solutions for creating an inclusive workplace through workshops, training and seminars.
  • Promote the culture of 'no judgments' and cultivate respect for individual differences at the workplace.
  • Increase societal awareness, understanding and acceptance of diversity. Inclusion cannot happen by itself and needs to be planned and made sustainable.
  • Build partnerships between private, corporate and government bodies to improve support and services, resulting in equal opportunities and mutual respect for all individuals.
  • Work with employees, during training, to create realistic and timed plans for implementation, to make the company better geared towards the idea of equal opportunities.
  • Help companies realise that they are able to make a positive change to society and their workforce, by incorporating inclusion.