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Visit to Home of Loving Faithfulness 2016

Saturday 12th March 2016

During the month of March, SENsational visited the Home of Loving Faithfulness to sing songs and organise finger painting activities for residents, who were aged between 11 and 55, each with a physical or mental 'diffability' (different ability). Although majority of the residents were unable to communicate verbally, their smiles and laughter were words enough.

Visit to Freni Care and Attention Home 2016

Saturday 27th February 2016

The SENsational team organised a visit to Freni Care and Attention Home. It was a day filled with music and love, as we provided company and conversations for the elderly residents of the home. Each resident was gifted a small bag of goodies including warm socks and hand cream, to help fight the cold Hong Kong weather.

Sewa Day 2015 - Visiting Mother Teresa's Home & Street Sleepers

Sunday 4th October 2015

Sewa is often defined as providing a service to the community by helping those in need. To celebrate international Sewa Day, SENsational Consultancy Ltd. organised and managed two activities: visiting Mother Teresa Home and handing out bags of food and necessities to street sleepers.

During our visit to Mother Teresa Home, SENsational was able to distribute food and happiness to those living in the shelter, as well as the visitors who were unable to attain permanent residency, but who came to have a hot meal twice a day. The company helped to organise hot meals and provided each resident / visitor with a small bags of essentials including fruits, drinks, snacks and general hygiene amenities.

In addition to this, SENsational continued to honor Sewa Day by handing out more bags of essentials to street sleepers and those in need, who were living in some of the deprived areas of Hong Kong.

Visit to Freni Care and Attention Home 2015

Saturday 14th February 2015

A group of fifty five volunteers went to hand out little gift bags to approximately 275 Elderly people and share love and hope on Valentine's Day. The residents were delighted and enjoyed the company. A big thank you to  Mrs. Purviz Shroff who joined us in spreading this joy with singing and laughter. We would also like to thank Mr. Sukrit Khatri in particular for helping with the arrangements for this event.

Donation of cakes to celebrate Chinese New Year

Saturday 28th February 2015

On a later date, a delicious collection of cupcakes was also handed out to each resident and staff to celebrate Chinese New Year. SENsational Consultancy wishes to thank Ankrish Gidwani and his mother, Renuka Gidwani for their generosity and for personally making these amazing cakes for us.

School for Special Children (Tamil Nadu, India)

Sunday 18th January 2015

A donation was made by SENsational to Thulir School for Special Children in India, to help towards purchasing equipment and making improvements for the benefit of the children.

Sewa Day 2014 - Visiting Mother Teresa's Home & Street Sleepers

Saturday 4th October 2014

Yet again, SENsational Consultancy continued with the motto of Sewa Day  "Be the change" to bring about a positive impact on our community. Along with the two projects from previous years, SENsational Consultancy participated in an additional project. This time, we visited members of a home for people with special needs. The residents, of all ages and abilities, were invited to spend some time with us,  joining in group activities such as cupcake making and chocolate creations. Every resident was also given a little goodies bag at the end of the event. This was a delicious and enjoyable event for all!

Sewa Day 2013 - Visiting Mother Teresa's Home & Street Sleepers

Sunday 6th October 2013

The word "Sewa" means "selfless service." SENsational Consultancy collaborated with Deutsche Bank to reach out to those residing in cages, street sleepers and homes for the under privileged people of Hong Kong. Donations were made, including food, warm clothing and sleeping bags, along with other essentials for every individual in need. People of all ages, religions and ethnicities came together to make this day a huge success.

Supporting underprivileged villages in Gujrat, India

March 2015

After a team member travelling personally to some of the remote villages in Gujrat, contributions were made towards the improvement of living conditions in two of these villages situated along the outskirts of Baroda. We hope to do more for the underprivileged schooling and supporting women's education in Indian villages.

Helping underprivileged living in caged homes in Hong Kong

Ongoing Charitable Effort

SENsational Consultancy Limited also joins and supports other charitable organisations like the Sadhu Vaswani Centre, who organise visits to people who live in caged homes. We provide them with the much needed food and essentials as often as possible.