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Hong Kong Team

Faridé B. Shroff

Founder & Director
Senior Corporate Trainer and Head of SENsational

With over 30 years of experience teaching people with special needs, Faridé understands different abilities with an inner passion and expertise. As Founder and Director of SENsational Consultancy, she provides an uplifting approach towards inclusion.    

Nikhilesh Mathur

Senior Corporate Consultant and Public Relations

Raising awareness about disabilities and creating a more inclusive society is a cause very close to Nikhilesh's heart. He has over 10 years of experience in recruitment across APAC, Middle East and Europe.

Nikhilesh is currently the Asia Pacific Head of Talent Acquisition for Moody's Corporation. 

Benjamin Wong

Senior Corporate Consultant and Public Relations

Benjamin has over 12 years of work experience in Sydney, London, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong and continuously works to make a positive difference to the community.

He is currently Vice President and Senior Project Manager at Wells Fargo Bank, responsible for strategic and business management for the Regional Asia Chief Operating Office. 

Sukrit Khatri

Senior Corporate Consultant and Public Relations

Sukrit's keen interest is social work and giving back to society drives him to be an active member in Hong Kong. Sukrit is  Vice President at Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong and is responsible for providing investment advice on Asian Financials. He is the Chairperson  of UK based NGO, Sewa Day. Sewa Day HK has enriched the lives of over 5,000 people through 70 meaningful projects over the last 4 years.

Rekha Mahbubani

Chief Financial Officer

Rekha has 22 years of work experience across eight Local and International Schools. She has worked with special needs children, led volunteer work, and represented Board of Governors along with corporate experience.

As SENsational's Chief Financial officer, she reflects the ethos of the organization and its stakeholders with the vision that innovation leads, whilst experience supports.

Sati Matharu

Senior Consultant - Research & Administration

A qualified pharmacist and with over 25 years of work experience, Sati has worked in fundraising activities for underpriveleged girls and works as an English teacher in Hong Kong. Her management qualifications, people skills and experience in charitable work helps develop and drive the SENsational Cause.

Sasha Marker

Senior Consultant - Sales & Marketing

Sasha has been actively involved in community service, teaching underpriveleged children and those with learning disabilities. She has organized corporate, social and charitable events to raise awareness and to educate the community about disabilities to create a more accepting and inclusive society.

Dr. Lakshmi Jacota

Senior Consultant - Community Affairs

Lakshmi dedicates much of her time to bettering the Hong Kong community for young and differently abled students. Since the completion of her doctorate, she has worked predominantly with non-profits in the fields of social justice and developmental issues, with stints in academia. 

Tania Shroff

Communications and Community Affairs

By bridging her experience in communications with Diversity and Inclusion, Tania advocates the importance of cultivating a deeper understanding of individual needs. She spent her own education years as an in-class mentor for students with learning difficulties, working as a qualified Life Mentor in the UK and now continues to offer speech and language support to children with special needs in Asia. 

International Team

Hera Kanga

Head of the International Team (Publications & Research)

Hera is a qualified primary school teacher and has recently moved to Taiwan, after having lived in Hong Kong for five years. Hera has experience across the corporate, educational and charitable sectors. Through her contributions at SENsational, Hera hopes to help advance the opportunities for differently abled persons in Hong Kong and promote a truly free, fair and equal work environment for all.

In Hong Kong, she has worked at the English Schools Foundation. Hera also lived four years in the UK where she worked in the marketing department of a multi-national consumer goods company and at Asia House, the UK’s leading pan-Asian organisation providing insights into Asian business, policy, culture and education. Hera holds a PGCE from the University of Sunderland and an MSc. from the London School of Economics.

Nahesh Hingorani

Trainer and Consultant (Thailand)

Living in a place like Bangkok, Nahesh comes across a wide variety of people, some of whom are struggling to make a daily living just because they have a special need. Nahesh has often found himself wondering what can be done to give them the same opportunities as others. When he began working with SENsational, he was delighted to find that there are well set, accessible strategies to integrate people of all abilities into the corporate world. He is happy to be a part of the SENsational team, helping them to give people with special needs the same opportunities as others.

Shubhi Raymond

Advisor (England)

Shubhi trained and worked with children with learning difficulties in India in the 1970′s. Since moving to England, for the last 30 years she has worked in teaching, advisory and management roles with children with special educational needs or disabilities, their families and educational practitioners. During this time she also gained an MA in Psychology and Special Educational Needs, most recently working in local government as Early Years expert for Vulnerable Children.

Tushar Gogia

Trainer and Coach (India)

Tushar has background in team and leadership development and has worked extensively with both youth and corporate audiences across India and the US.  He has been a critical team member of rapidly growing organizations including Magic Bus, Ashoka U & Dasra.

Having designed and run workshops for more than 600 leaders from nonprofits and corporates across India, Tushar is an experienced facilitator of change. In 2011 he played a critical role in initiating the Vodafone World of Difference program – the country’s most intensive corporate giving initiative. Working with Dasra and Harvard Business Publishing he helped to create and launch the inaugural class of the Dasra Social Impact Leadership program (DSILP). The focus of DSILP was to build the capacity of participants in areas of Leadership & Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing, and Personal development.

One of Tushar’s standing beliefs is that people do not stop learning – they stop trying. He has an uncanny ability to hold a space and an audience like few others. He thrives on creating shared experiences and fostering human connections. Delivering stimulating and challenging learning experiences is Tushar’s strength.  From individual coaching to corporate trainings for large groups Tushar’s facilitation style motivates and encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and discover their potential.  

Tushar has a BA in Environmental Science from SUNY Plattsburgh and a MSc. in Non Profit Management from The New School in New York.

He enjoys running for Marathons, Trains and motivates new runners,Scuba Diving and hiking.

Marjory Bent

Research Assistant (Australia)

Marjory is Australian and has lived in UK, Germany, Cyprus, and Hong Kong. She has three children, all born in Hong Kong. Her middle child was born with physical and mental disabilities.

Marjory joins SENsational Consultancy to continue making a positive difference to the lives of many and working towards an all-inclusive community worldwide. She believes the philosophy and aims of the organization are admirable and long overdue in Hong Kong.

In addition to the plenty social work she has done, Marjory has conducted research into the provision of services for disabled children and young adults in Hong Kong by NGOs in 2003, on behalf of the Kadoorie Charitable foundation. 

Marjory hopes that by joining the team, she can help to enrich and fulfill the lives of challenged young people who have so much to give to our society and all those who participate in this inclusive ground- breaking venture.

Tom Laverty

Advisor (England)

Tom has worked with children with learning disabilities for over 30 years. He graduated with a BSc in Psychology before working with children in residential care. After gaining his PGCE he has worked in a school in England, UK for children with severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning disabilities. The school is now part of a ground breaking inclusive learning campus where he is lead specialist on behaviour, emotional well-being and family support.