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Meet The Team

Advisory Board

Ms. Faride Shroff


With over 30 years of experience teaching people with special needs, Faride understands different abilities with an inner passion and expertise. As Founder and Director of SENsational Consultancy, she provides an uplifting approach towards inclusion.​

Mr. Benjamin Wong

Benjamin brings over 14 years of experience working in Sydney, London, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.  In those years, Benjamin's experience covered sovereign wealth funds, insurance, and global banking. Benjamin is currently Vice President, Asia-Pacific Regional Management at Wells Fargo Bank - the largest US-based bank by market capitalization, responsible for strategic project management, corporate governance and risk management for the enterprise within the region, reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer, Asia-Pacific.

Mr. Sukrit Khatri

Sukrit has helped enrich the lives of over 15,000 people in 7 countries through Sewa Day HK, a not-for-profit he co-founded that stresses on time donation for societal good. Sukrit is a finance professional with wide-ranging experience in investment strategy and advisory for traditional, alternative and crypto assets. He is currently a Blockchain and Tokenisation Advisor at Kenetic Capital.

Ms. Jess Shek

Jess Shek was born entirely blind, and her life mission is to help more people understand the abilities of the visually impaired. She is the Secretary of the Hong Kong Blind Union, a self-help organisation. With a master's degree in translation and a bachelor's degree in communications, she now works full-time within KPMG Internal Communications team.

Ms. Urszula McCormack

Urszula serves as Co-Chair of King & Wood Malleson’s (KWM) Pro Bono Committee, Co-Head of KWM Recruitment and Women in Law HK’s Head of Pro Bono. In the social impact arena, Urszula advises on forced migration-related issues including human trafficking and predatory lending. She is passionate about diversity and works to share successful ways to create an inclusive workforce.

Ms. Tania Shroff

By bridging her experience in communications with Diversity and Inclusion, Tania advocates the importance of cultivating a deeper understanding of individual needs. She spent her own education years as an in-class mentor for students with learning difficulties, working as a qualified Life Mentor in the UK and now continues to offer speech and language support to children with special needs in Asia.

Ms. Kim Anderson

Kim founded Special Needs Network Hong Kong as a platform for parents of children with disabilities to connect, support, empower and share information. As a mother to a young adult with Cerebral Palsy, Kim is constantly working to support the growth of individuals with special needs. She is currently collaborating with her daughter and a team to develop a “well-being program” for young people with disabilities.​

Mr. Danny Khursigara

The Founder of FreedomOne International

Danny helps accelerate achievement in corporate, personal and career goals. For the past 19 years, he has worked in capacities of Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer for Fortune 500 companies in countries across Asia. He has co-authored an Amazon bestseller book ‘Road to Success’ with Jack Canfield. He is also amongst Asia’s Top 100 highly sought after success coaches, co-producer of an Emmy nominated documentary film, and a TEDx  speaker.

Mr. Nikhilesh Mathur

Raising awareness about disabilities and creating a more inclusive society is a cause very close to Nikhilesh's heart. He has over 10 years of experience in recruitment across APAC, Middle East and Europe. Nikhilesh is currently the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at IHS Markit.

Core Team

Faridé B. Shroff

Founder & Director
Senior Corporate Trainer and Head of SENsational

With over 30 years of experience teaching people with special needs, Faride understands different abilities with an inner passion and expertise. As Founder and Director of SENsational Consultancy, she provides an uplifting approach towards inclusion.​

Ms. Amy Fernando

Head of PR & Business Development

With over 20 years of experience in corporate training in Europe and Asia, Amy has worked with many global, local and governmental organizations in sales, training and marketing roles. Diversity and Inclusion is a topic very close to her heart; she is also a member of the Volunteer Committee of the Special Needs Network HK, and she volunteers for other charitable organizations.

Ms. Aishwarya Ravishankar

Head of Marketing & Operations

Aishwarya is an experienced Marketing professional and has worked for over 10 years in senior management roles with large MNCs as well as startups in the Telecom and Technology sectors. She is passionate about giving back to society, and in her spare time consults with non-profits, focusing on their fundraising strategies.

Lolitta Ho Yan Yee

Lolitta Ho Yan Yee recently graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration. She is fluent in both English and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified).  She currently works on research and content for SENsational. In her spare time, she takes up translation and writing work on a freelance basis

Long Serving Volunteers

Ms. Rabi Yim

Rabi was left paralyzed and wheelchair-bound after a near-fatal car accident but has restored some mobility in her upper body to lead an independent and hectic schedule. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Visual Communication and has been Design Director at RPM station since 2007. She is also the founder of The Direction Association for the Handicapped.

Rekha Mahbubani

Rekha has 22 years of work experience across eight Local and International Schools. She has worked with special needs children, led volunteer work, and represented Board of Governors along with corporate experience.

Sati Matharu

A qualified pharmacist with over 25 years of work experience, Sati has worked in fundraising activities for underprivileged girls and works as an English teacher in Hong Kong.

Sasha Marker

Sasha has been actively involved in community service, teaching underprivileged children and those with learning disabilities. She has organized corporate, social and charitable events to raise awareness and to educate the community about disabilities to create a more accepting and inclusive society.

Aradhana Chandra

Aradhana holds a degree in teaching children with learning differences from Hong Kong University. She has a vast experience in teaching students across all age groups.  She has a track record of teaching students with Cognitive Physical ,Emotional and Behavioral impairments.  After teaching in an International School for 15 years as a Special Educational Needs Teacher, she is serving the community by raising awareness about equal opportunities all.

International Team

Hera Kanga

Hera has experience across the corporate, educational and charitable sectors. Additionally, Hera is a qualified primary school teacher and has worked at the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong.

Nahesh Hingorani

Nahesh is part of the SENsational Volunteers team, helping people with special needs access the same opportunities as others.

Shubhi Raymond

Shubhi has for the last 30 years worked in teaching, advisory and management roles with children with special educational needs or disabilities, their families and educational practitioners. She also has an MA in Psychology and Special Educational Needs.

Tushar Gogia

Tushar has a background in team and leadership development and has worked extensively with both youth and corporate audiences across India and the US.  He has been a critical team member of rapidly growing organizations including Magic Bus, Ashoka U & Dasra. Tushar has a BA in Environmental Science from SUNY Plattsburgh and a MSc. in Nonprofit Management from The New School in New York.

Marjory Bent

Marjory is Australian and has lived in UK, Germany, Cyprus, and Hong Kong. Marjory has conducted research into the provision of services for disabled children and young adults in Hong Kong by NGOs in 2003, on behalf of the Kadoorie Charitable foundation.

Tom Laverty

Tom has worked with children with learning disabilities for over 30 years. He graduated with a BSc in Psychology before working with children in residential care.