Individual Services

We understand that having a physical or mental challenge, often referred to as a disability, is very difficult. We are here to change that mindset and make you realize that you are in fact exceptional or different and that your exceptionality can also be your strength, which could often help you to achieve all your goals.

We run training workshops for job seekers, which encompass learning technicalities such as interview training, team building, writing CV’s and other presentation skills. Our training workshops also provide support to help you be more accepting of your diffability and to help you gain confidence.

Our training workshops have been greatly successful in the past, with students evolving as individuals and gaining many internship opportunities at various companies or even setting up their own mini enterprises. We also offer full mentorship programmes to individuals. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to join our training programs or require any guidance.

  • Man See -  “I feel useful working and making a living for myself, because it makes me feel like an independent person and I am extremely happy about it.”

  • CM - “Working promotes self actualization and helps make life more meaningful. It also helps me reach my personal goals.”

  • Lhiyaudeen - “Having my own job makes me feel very valued and has allowed me to understand different perspectives better. It has also given me opportunities to develop new skills and gain confidence, allowing me to share my insights and build relationships with co-workers.”